Mar 21

Mine Again

When Charlie was born everyone said, and even Alex had to admit, that he looked like me. Fortunately for the little guy, having come into the World with Spinal Meningitis, he was already pretty immune to dealing with bad news.

And over his first seven months he has continued to exhibit his father’s features. Again, begrudgingly and murmuring “I sodding carried him for 9 sodding months” under her breath, Alex also had to agree.

Until tonight when my wife came into the kitchen holding a picture of herself at roughly Charlie’s age and declared: “you know… he looks like me”. I had been in the middle of putting my new ice cream maker through a second round of testing (tonight’s flavor: coffee) and the ridiculousness of her statement made me pour double the amount of espresso into the mix.

There are a few things that I don’t necessarily agree on with my wife but I let slide for the sake of harmony (like using the taxi driver’s “suggested tip” button when taking a cab, or allowing Charlie to be naked in our bed or on the sofa or ANYWHERE THAT YOU DON’T WANT HIM TO P*SS ALL OVER…) As I said, I let these small things slide but the “he looks like me” thing… I drew the line.

Okay... she may have something, but for one thing- Alex is black and white and Charlie is in colour. Case closed

And she didn’t stop there either… plucking out another photo from thin air she then turned to Max.

At least this is in colour.

While I admit that early on Max took more from his mother’s family than from my side, there is no denying that as he gets older some more of his Dad is creeping in.

The older Max gets the more I see the resemblance

So we are left with both Alex and me now claiming that both of our kids look identical to ourselves. There is of course the obvious conclusion that Alex and I actually look a lot more alike than we dare to admit… but we’re not going to go there. And I suppose it should also be said that it doesn’t matter if we see ourselves in our children or not, it doesn’t affect how much we love them.

Whether we believe that or not, it should be said.

Just like it should be obvious that if you eat a lot of coffee ice cream made out of real espresso at night then you’ll be wired at 1am while writing your post.


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  1. lopicki

    comme dit Patrick, Christo a toujours eu des grands pieds, ils sont comment ceux de Max ?

    Big bisous à tout les 4

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