Mar 24

Five guys


This Sunday saw a great meeting of the minds. From left to right… Masters Finley, Charlie, Easton, Elliott and Max.


They met to discuss a wide range of topics such as:


What effect does having only one guitar have on the harmony of a group (Answer: not great)

What effect does having five boys in one room have on the freshness of the air  (Answer: not great)

What are the chances that one adult conversation gets finished throughout the entirety of the meeting (Answer: not great)



  1. Caroline

    Great photos!

  2. timon

    In five years our apartments will be destroyed. More destroyed.

  3. Michelle Perry

    What lovely photos. May there be many more of the five boys taken as they grow up! I am glad the picture of what the moms had to do to get the smiles did not make it to the blog. ha

    1. English Dad

      Oh it will one day Michelle… it will one day…

  4. Lauren

    The second photo and the fourth photo are priceless. Charlie kicks the guitar. Finley chuckles. Charlie tries again. Finley clarifies, “That will be all out of you, little guy.”

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