Jul 31

Again, where was I…?

So again, where was I?

Oh yes, last time we met I was an English Dad in New York. That is still true. The kids have got older and bigger, I too have got older and bigger and my wife is more beautiful than ever.

So much to catch up on, too much to catch up on in fact. However, here are the Top 10 things that have happened since we last talked (and in no particular order):

Two princes

Two princes

1) The British Royal Family added another name to their Ancestry.com account. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. A big congratulations to you Kate and William. If you need any tips on how to look after your young chappy, might I suggest going to a different website?

2) Charlie is now walking. Well not so much walking as staggering with his arms up in the air like a drunk bloke carrying an invisible but surprisingly heavy traffic cone. But he’s vertical.

3) Andy Murray won Wimbledon becoming the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years. You’d be forgiven if you missed this; much like the Royal Birth the story received only limited media coverage.

4) Max is no longer trying to kill his brother. Whether he is starting to love and accept his brother into our family or whether Charlie is now better equipped to run away, it matters not. He is beginning to take his responsibilities as a loving older brother seriously.

5) Max has learned that being nice to his brother gets him presents.

6) The Summer arrived, and is still here. And with Nana and Babbo now living in Long Island the whole family has been enjoying “the countryside”. They have nature there and everything. And surprisingly good wine.

7) Anthony Weiner took a picture of his c*ck and sent it to… oh hang on, sorry, I was only going to mention new stuff…

8) In cricket, England is beating Australia in the Ashes #youreallydontgiveash*tdoyou

9) With the kids spending a couple of weeks in Long Island with Nana and Babbo, during the work week Alex and I have been reliving our pre-kids life. We even went to see a movie. Hey, I know that I can’t live without them and that they are the best thing that ever happened to us but really… #whatwerewethinkingthisisawesome

10) I have realized that I can’t keep up a daily blog. You may also have realized that. But I’ll post whenever I can so please keep checking in.

Family reunion

Family reunion


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  1. Nicole

    About time! “My wife is more beautiful than ever” could not agree more. Great post, as usual. Love to you all xx

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